Sunday, March 14, 2010


Wonderful thing, this Groupon.  Ever heard of it?  Basically, each day they email you their special of the day, and usually it's a really great deal.  If enough people sign up for it, then the deal is "on" and you'll be able to sign up for the deal at that price.  They offer deals on restaurants, spas, gyms, venues, etc. and it's all specific to your city.   Recently, they offered $50 for $125 worth of spa services at Se Spa and $30 for $65 worth of mexican cuisine at Candelas (if you're in the San Diego area).  The catch is if they don't get enough people to sign up for the deal, then the deal is "off."  Try it in your city and see what deals are offered.  I highly recommend it if you're someone always looking for a bargain.  Happy Monday!  I'll try to have a card posted here soon.